Creating high quality, cannabis-based medical alternatives


BeneLeaves has extensive knowledge of the Ohio cannabis industry from seed to plant to product.


BeneLeaves crafts cannabis products with rigorous attention to detail, highest standard of quality and efficacy.


BeneLeaves is led by an innovative team with decades of experience in the food industry.


Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles and Vapes. Check back for our new products and flavors. To purchase BeneLeaves products, go to your local Ohio dispensary.


Rheumatoid arthritis. Cancer. Chronic pain. You don’t see it coming, but when a serious health condition becomes a fact of life, you explore medical alternatives. So when Ohio approved medical marijuana, we decided to use our food research and development expertise to produce cannabis-based products.

Cannabis Chews

• Discreet and reliable dosing • Water soluble to provide quick relief through sublingual arteries and stomach • All-natural flavors; no botanical terpenes • CO2 extracted distillate • Terpenes extracted in house • Flavors include: Mango Kaffir Lime, Satsuma Orange Madagascar Vanilla with Bang Bang Sriracha, Peach Hypnos (Indica) and Watermelon Yuza (Sativa)

Cannabis Tinctures

• Discreet and reliable dosing • Water soluble for micro-dosing or sublingual usage • All-natural flavors • CO2 extracted distillate • No botanical terpenes • Discrete addition to your favorite beverage • Water-soluble flavors include Mango Kaffir Lime and Satsuma Orange Madagascar Vanilla; Watermelon Mint Fresca (MCT oil)

Cannabis Lotion

• Site-specific effectiveness; absorbs • Aloe vera-based • None of these additives: sodium laurel sulfates, artificial fragrance, parabens, toluene, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, formaldehyde, oxyben zone, diethanolamine, triclosan • CO2 extracted • Scents include: Ylang-Ylang Rose, Lavender and subtle scent

Cannabis Vape

• Cannabis-derived terpenes on premises • Terpenes extracted in-house, selected specifically for desired effects • Distillate vapes: CO2 extracted: Helios: Sativa, Gaia: Hybrid, Hypnos: Indica, Isos: 1:1 • Broad spectrum oil vapes: Ethanol extracted, Purple Pie 745, Tropical Cheesecake 745 • For THC/CBD ratio, see Product Facts section on label or scan QR code



BeneLeaves meticulously sources cannabis strains from trusted Ohio growers to target the 21 qualifying medical conditions recognized by the state of Ohio.